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Yesterday I had a friend question my use of the word  'slaughter' in one of my blogs. The concern was that it may be insensitive to folks who don't eat animal or animal by products and perhaps I should use a different word...or not use it at all.

And this brings up a very important issue we need to discuss during this year of political, media circus craziness, where emotions are running high and anything and anyone is being attacked for just being present and alive. We have entered an overdrive of politically correct, sensitive areas; many legitimate, some ridiculous, and quite a few a long time how do we know the ones that need our 'mission' attention and the ones that don't?

Well that all depends on your North Star. Your purpose, direction, passion in life is often referred to as your North Star. It is what the map of your mission, will lead you to. It is what your compass points to whenever there is doubt or questions about the right direction to go. When you're clear about your North Star, your path will unfold like a red carpet being laid out at the Oscars. Sure it may take a few people and some labor to maneuver the carpet roll into position, but once it gets rolling it's magic, swishing into place, leading from the busy, noisy curb to the entrance of the dazzling venue.

Your North Star will tell you which issues you need to address and which ones you can set aside. If your North Star is about raising awareness to end killing wild Elephants for their ivory, you are going to focus on the path that leads you in that direction. While promoting your Elephant movement, you may have people who question you as to why you only care about the Elephants? And they may be forceful, seemingly interrogating you. "What about the Rhino being killed just for their horns? The Leopard, Lion and other big game being hunted as trophies to mount on the wall or lay across the floor?"  

Most of us feel compelled to address these questions because 1) we know these issues have genuine merit and 2) right now we're being 'attacked' and need to defend ourselves. And this is where the North Star 'reality check' steps in. You ask your 'compass': "is this 'questioning' relevant to my purpose and path? Does this further my mission? Does it improve how I fulfill my vision?"

If your mission is to save the elephants, does answering questions about why you're not doing the same for others animals further your mission? Does it improve fulfilling your vision? Is it relevant to your immediate path and purpose? Because if the answer is no, you are wasting time, energy and resources on things that are interfering with your compass and blocking your path. This is not to say you don't care about other animals. It is to say that YOUR mission is about the plight of the Elephants. 

You don't go into the Eye Doctor and ask for a colonoscopy, and you certainly don't question the Optometrist as to why they can't perform that procedure. Nor do you go to McDonalds for a 5-star meal, only to interrogate the server behind the counter as to why they don't have filet minion, with pan grilled asparagus, topped with a rich bernaise sauce.

Whatever your mission, movement, or purpose is, you stick to your specific path, just as the Optometrist does. While he or she may have to tell a misguided patient: "If you're here for an eye exam, you're in the right place. If you are here for anything else, you're in the wrong place." It doesn't mean the Optometrist don't care about colon health. It means that their area of expertise is dealing with eyes, not asses.

The Cleanivore Revolution's Vision is to promote health and well being for humanity while also creating long term planet sustainability. Our Mission is to educate and help consumers source food in ways that promote their health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of the planet. Clean food sourcing promotes responsible, regenerative, sustainable farming practices that benefits the land, the plants, animals, and ultimately, we the people.

The Cleanivore Revolution has no judgement about your diet choices, your food beliefs, or how you stock your fridge and pantry. Paleo, Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan, however you food identify is fine with us. And we expect the same from our community, no judgement.  If you're here to be part of the clean food sourcing movement to save the world, you're in the right place. If you're here to give someone a colonoscopy over their chosen diet, food beliefs or what's on their dinner plate, you're in the wrong place.



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