FOOD, like clothing.

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Food today is rather like clothing.

And yes you could say we wear the food we eat, but that's not quite where I'm going with this statement.

When you decide to buy your clothes you have a plethora of options, from cheap to expensive, crappy to divine, and everything you can imagine in-between. And where you source your clothes will largely depend on what those clothes are for and what you're willing to spend. If you're going to your boss's daughter's fancy wedding you most certainly are not showing up in that Kmart outfit from last year's beerfest. No you're going to be properly attired in a quality outfit. If you've made the Boss's guest list, you're buying the good stuff.

Summer around the corner? Why not stock up at local low priced clothing store. Fashion changes season to season, no point in blowing cash on clothes that will only be worn for the summer, and it won't matter that in 3 months the colors have faded or the seems have started to unravel. The low price draw of these clothing stores is that they perfectly fit the always changing styles, good for just a season.

Career clothes? Different story. Here you need a better quality of garment. Ones that not only say 'capable', 'efficient' and 'dependable', but also wear well, wash well and have longevity. Yes you pay more, but you also get way more out of them.

Party clothes can vary from BBQ to Banquet, Target to Neiman Marcus. And then there is always the super special occasion where perhaps you splurge on the best. My girlfriend's daughter ponied up half of her wedding budget for a one of kind, famous designer dress. It's her day, her magical, been-planning-for-a-year day, and she will look and feel like a million bucks.

My detailed point is, clothing comes in many variations of quality and cost, and you buy accordingly.

Food is the same.

Our food supply has everything from cheap & crappy, to divine & expensive, and everything in-between. At the bottom of the pile is junk food and at the top, a wealth of food fabulousness. If you work your way from the bottom up you'll go from franchised, manufactured fast food, to all types of manufactured convenience foods, to manufactured packaged foods, to conventional fresh foods, to organic foods, to pristine pasture raised foods. And with-in each of those categories there are sub categories. Organic food for example has several levels of organic depending on authenticity. You have your bottom of the organic barrel Big food brands, the moderately organic big/small brands and the totally authentic organic niche brands. Typically, these levels can be easily recognized by price.

Just like clothes. You can find the same pair of trendy shorts at Kmart, Macy's and Bebe, and the cost of $7.99, $14.99 & $39.99 tend to be directly related to overall quality.

So goes the varying quality of clothing, so goes the varying quality of  food.

So the question is, how do you source your food? Your body is your temple, your vehicle to get through life, your home to live in 24/7, your machine to get you through the tough times, your sanctuary to party, play, relax and enjoy. So it seems like a no brainer that the food you consume, will be the best there is. Your cheap clothes only need to last a summer. Your body needs to last your lifetime.




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