Be You. Do What You Can. Save The World.

Be You

There is an urgency for all of us to do something about the rapid decline of our planet. The acceleration of climate change, global warming, soil degeneration, rising seas, deforestation, drought and declining fresh water sources, to name a few, has humans on the brink of irreversible chaos.

And everywhere you turn there is someone or something telling you all the things you need to do to stop the apocalypse. Drive an electric car. Put solar panels on your home. Turn your lawn into a garden of drought resistant plants or better yet, forgo water all together and put in synthetic grass. Stop over consuming and wasting EVERYTHING. Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish, ReImagine. Lessen your footprint. These are all great actions to take, if you're capable and ready to do them all, have at it!

But what if you're like me and don't have the time, money and resources to do all of these things right now? Does that mean do nothing until you can do them all? No, of course not. The best way to save our planet is in doing what you can, big or small, RIGHT NOW. You don't need to be richer, smarter, taller, you just need to be you, the perfectly capable you you are at this very moment. By taking the first step to doing what you can do now, you set in motion the change we need, one person at a time. If you've already taken the first step, great! Then take the next step. Be yourself, work with what you have and do what you can. That's how we're going to save the planet. You being you, doing what you can right now.



Do What You Can

The quickest, simplest, most cost effective way to start saving the planet right now, is with how you spend your food dollars. 

When you tweak your grocery list from conventional products to organic, you literally are voting with your hard earned dollars for a more eco-friendly approach to farming, which not only benefits you and your family, but the plants, animals and planet.

By eliminating foods from your grocery list that promote earth polluting, global warming practices, and instead purchase organic foods, you are promoting farming that strives to enhance your health, improve the quality of your products and the long term sustainability of the planet.

Do you need to start here?

Of course not. If you're in the market for that new electric car, Green Car price Update or perhaps some Solar panels for your home, Cost of Solar, or maybe ready to drought proof your front lawn, Progreen Lawns, then that is awesome!

Every bit helps, big and small.

Save the World

The mass amounts of chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics that are used to produce our food have tremendous negative impacts on the environment, and also on human health.

Since organic farming eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, and antibiotics, that means all of those things are not going into the earth polluting the water, soil and air. 

Growth hormones have been shown to disrupt hormones in adolescents as well in women of child-bearing age and may contribute to menopausal hormone issues. Antibiotic use in the meat & poultry industry has lead to the rise of 'Superbugs', strains of viruses that are antibiotic resistant, hard to treat and kill thousands of Americans every year. Pesticides have recently been linked to a variety of health issues as well as rise in pesticide resistant weeds and insects that lead to more toxic pesticide use.

By eliminating these industrial practices, organic food production dramatically reduces the negative impacts on the people and planet. 

Every time you buy organic, you increase the demand for organic. The bigger the demand, the more farms and farmers needed to supply the demand. As the demand for organic farms grows, so do jobs in organic food production, the more the economy grows, the healthier the food, soil, water, animals and plants become. And of course, better health for you.

So simply by tweaking your grocery list to include organic products, you are taking a small step that sets in motion the domino effect, that has a huge impact in saving the planet for everyone. 

We salute you and welcome you as a Warrior of the Cleanivore Revolution!