Be You

There is an urgency for us to do something about the rapid decline of our planet. Global warming, soil degeneration, deforestation, drought; humans are on the brink of irreversible chaos. You can change all that.

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Do What You Can

The quickest, simplest, most cost effective way to start saving the planet right now, is with how you spend your food dollars. 

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Save the World

The mass amounts of chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics that are used to produce our food have tremendous negative impacts on the environment, and also on human health.

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We help you source food in ways that promote your health 

as well as the health and well-being of the planet


The Accidental Cleanivore


I have always been involved in health & well being, and my belief was that our American food system provided the healthiest food possible. The Government had specific departments to make sure the American food supply exceeded the necessary requirements to nourish the land of opportunity. Right?

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Resources and Links


Here you will find many resources and links. We update our resources as new information emerges keeping you up to date on the latest food news and events. The links are to farms, companies and products that are doing what they can to be clean, sustainable and regenerative.

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WE simplify our complicated food system

YOU participate with your food dollars

TOGETHER we power the revolution

 OUR food

Farm to Table

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